Our Product

Our flagship software application MOST® is designed specifically for catalog, retail, ecommerce and business to business merchants. Our order management products allows quick deployment of customized applications, allowing our clients to get a leg up on their competition. Our systems are architected to deliver fast and reliable functionally, at the same time providing a flexible data store that can easily handle any increasing data requirements while maintaining low to no cost of administration and overhead.

Order Management

With MOST®, your order management has never been easier. Our software, which is customized for your business’ needs, provides end-to-end order management through all of your business channels. Whether you’re on Amazon, have your own retail storefront, or process all of your orders through a catalog and over the phone, all of your orders are directed through one easy-to-manage portal. Best of all, because our technology is truly multichannel, if you’re operating across all of these various platforms, all of your order processing is handled in one place.

Inventory Control

When you’re operating across multiple retail channels, keeping a handle on your inventory can be exceedingly difficult. Because MOST® integrates all of your business’ various channels into one streamlined package, keeping track of your inventory is easy. You’ll be able to accurately keep track of all of your items on hand, as well as receive inventory alerts when you’re running low on any particular product. With this kind of inventory control at your disposal, you’ll be able to maintain the good faith of your customers by avoiding over-selling or being under-stocked.

Warehouse Management

As your business grows, your inventory will expand and so will the warehouses required to house it. Regardless of the size of your business, MOST® can handle all of your warehouse management needs. Because our system is tailor-made for your business, it is completely flexible and scalable. So, whether you’re operating with one warehouse or many, MOST® can handle all of your warehouse management needs.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

When you’re dealing with numerous suppliers and contractors, keeping track of open accounts across multiple channels can be a nightmare. That’s why MOST® comes equipped to streamline and integrate with whatever accounting system you already have in place. By bringing all of your account information into one centralized hub alongside all of your business’s other data, you can maintain firmer control over your finances and adapt to whatever changes in the marketplace come your way.


In the same way that MOST® is able to integrate with your accounts payable and receivable, MOST® is capable of integrating with and streamlining your payroll system. Because you’ll be able to manage your payroll through one integrated business solution, you’ll have a clearer picture of your business’ day-to-day operating costs and overhead. With this info, you’ll then be able to better identify and address efficiencies within your business.

Funds Control

As any business owner worth his or her salt knows, having a firm grip on where your money is and where it’s going is essential. However, with businesses frequently operating across multiple channels, keeping tabs on your business’ cash can be like trying to consistently hit a moving target. Thankfully, MOST® is able to pull all of your financial information into one portal, where it can be tracked in real-time. This ensures that you’re always in the driver’s seat and that your suppliers, employees and partners can be paid on time.

Customer Service

With a multichannel retail business, customers are coming at you from all directions. In order to manage that fractured kind of volume, your business needs a comprehensive solution for handling customer service. With our completely integrated technology, your customer service representatives will be armed with all of the information they need to adequately handle your customers’ myriad needs and problems. In addition, our system allows for unlimited commenting on both the customer and order level, which keeps everyone on your customer service teams apprised of the customer’s history with your business. All of this will allow your business to react quickly to your customers’ demands and to keep them satisfied with the level of service that you provide.

Sale Analysis

One of the real benefits of using MOST® is in how it greatly reduces the time you need to spend managing your business’ logistics. With the work off of your desk, you can focus your efforts on what matters MOST®: maintaining and growing your business. That’s why MOST® provides detailed analysis of your sales data by the day, week, month and year. Integrated across all of your retail, catalog and ecommerce platforms, our sales analysis software gives you a detailed account of how your business is performing with the many different products and services you provide. With that kind of information, you can ensure that your business is always staying ahead of the curve.


While brick and mortar storefronts will always be a feature of the retail business landscape, it’s a modern reality that ecommerce is the future. However, with so many viable ecommerce platforms at a business’ disposal, it usually makes sense to diversify your business across multiple retail channels. While this alMOST® always leads to increased revenue, it also leads to increased complications. With MOST®, all of your ecommerce channels can be integrated into one system. Rather than managing each ecommerce channel individually, you can manage all of them as a whole. This saves your business valuable time and overhead, allowing you to truly take charge of directing your overall ecommerce strategy.

Automated Email Customer Notifications

With your business operating through multiple channels, you want to put forward a unified face to your customers regardless of their point of contact with your business. That’s why MOST® offers a completely automated system for handling email customer notifications. Whether you need to send ship notifications, notices of credit card authorizations, responses to inquiries, etc., this value-added service will allow you to present a unified outward face to your customers.

Retail Stores

Don’t be fooled into thinking that MOST® only offers viable solutions for ecommerce. MOST® is also the superior solution for managing the various needs and complications of running an organized retail storefront. All of the modules that MOST® provides are perfectly customizable for your brick and mortar storefront, whether in inventory management, distribution, accounts payable and receivable, or payroll. This kind of integration at the store level allows you and your employees to focus on customers walking through the front door and not on managing your back door.


Your business is always moving and never stationary, and one of its MOST® active components is your distribution network. At any given moment, there are items leaving and arriving at your loading dock and items shipping to or coming back from your customers. With the power that MOST® puts at your fingertips, you can manage your entire distribution network through one centralized hub. By getting a clear snapshot through MOST® of your entire network, you’ll be able to more effectively and more efficiently manage distribution, saving your business time and, more importantly, money.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics Software

In a fast-paced world with an increasingly globalized economy, your business needs to stay apprised of its current position in the market and be able to adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace. That’s why reporting and analytics are essential in the contemporary business environment, and that’s why you’ll find the latest in analytics software within MOST®. In addition to all of the data that MOST® can provide about your sales and finances, it also includes 20 reporting tools for managing, refining and perfecting your business’ SEO marketing strategy. With this kind of data, you can ensure that customers will find your business when they’re searching for the products you sell through popular search engines like Google.

Amazon Interface

Amazon is without a doubt the MOST® high profile and well-known online retailer in the world, and we’re willing to bet that you’re either doing business there already or are at least considering it. That’s why MOST® comes with Amazon integration built in. With our Amazon interface, you can see how your products are performing in their marketplace alongside the performance of all of your products through other retail channels. When you combine this interface with all of the other tools that MOST® gives you, you have a system in place that is capable of making you one of the highest reviewed retailers on Amazon.

eBay Interface

eBay has been a popular retail channel for businesses since it first appeared in the mid-’90s. More than simply an auction site, eBay is a time-tested way for businesses to get their products out in front of customers. If you currently conduct part of your business through eBay, MOST® can integrate all of your eBay sales and inventory data with all of the other retail channels you conduct business through. When you pair that with all of the other tools that MOST® puts at your disposal, you’ll have a fully integrated way for conducting your business on eBay, increasing your revenue and your customers’ satisfaction.

Buy.com / Rakuten.com Interface

As one of the top 3 ecommerce sites in the world, Buy.com / Rakuten.com is alMOST® a must for any retail business. That’s why it’s one of the ecommerce platforms that MOST® fully integrates with. Able to manage your business’ presence on Rakuten.com, MOST® allows you to view your products performance on their platform alongside your business’ other retail streams. In addition, because Rakuten.com receives a lot of international traffic, you’ll be glad that you have the support of MOST®’s advanced rate shopping and distribution management system for making international business cost-effective and efficient.

Gift and E-Gift Certificates

Managing digital and tangible gift certificates can be difficult if your business is operating across multiple channels. MOST® allows you to process your business’ gift certificates through one consolidated stream. This has the benefit of both streamlining your customers’ experience with your business, as well as consolidating all of the information about your outstanding gift certificates in one place. This makes your bookkeeping easier, and it allows you to prepare for potential gift certificate rushes on your business.

Real-time Rate Shopping

Shipping rates change day-to-day, and making sure that you’re maximizing your profits by choosing the MOST® cost-effective shipping methods can be difficult. With MOST®’s real-time rate shopping, though, you’ll be able to adapt quickly to changes in the costs of shipping. Whether it’s items that you’re shipping out to your customers or stock that your suppliers are shipping to your warehouses, you’ll be able to more effectively manage your overhead and maximize your profitability.

USPS Approved Manifest Software

Fulfilling your orders through the United States Postal Service is simple with MOST®’s powerful technology at your disposal. Fully integrated with the USPS’s systems, you can keep track of all of your orders that have shipped through the USPS. With our automated email customer notifications, you’ll also be able to provide your customers with up-to-date tracking information on their orders.

UPS Approved Manifest Software

With MOST®, automating your order fulfillment through UPS has never been easier. Our technology integrates entirely with their backend and provides you with current, up-to-date information on the status of all your orders moving through UPS. In addition, by making use of our automated email customer notifications, you’ll be able to keep your customers apprised of the status of their orders during shipment, a service that today’s customer expects.

FEDEX Approved Manifest Software

If you fulfill orders through Federal Express, then MOST® has you covered. Our software is completely capable of interfacing with FEDEX’s backend, which allows you to keep current with the status of every order that you are processing through them. Armed with this information, you can take advantage of MOST®’s automated email customer notifications to provide your customers with up-to-date tracking information about their packages.

In-House List Rental and Exchange Processing

List rentals and exchanges are a great way for businesses to generate new customers and qualified leads. Because MOST® synchronizes all of your customer data across multiple channels, you’ll be able to both rent customer lists from others and exchange your customer list with them. Our system makes it incredibly simple to both aggregate all of this information and also to put the information that others provide you to use.

End User Custom Business Rules

A business without constraints is chaos. Our system allows you to establish and maintain clear business rules that manage and inform your business’ interaction with your customers. No matter what the rules are that your business needs to establish and uphold, MOST® is flexible enough to adapt to them and make sure that your business remains 100% compliant with them. This allows you to present a clear and unified front-facing presence for your customers, something that will inspire their confidence in your brand and products.

Interface to 3rd Party Software

MOST®’s unparalleled flexibility and scalability are two of the aspects that make it an excellent multichannel order management system. Because it’s tailored to your business, it’s also completely capable of integrating with whatever 3rd party software your business might be using. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about adapting your business to integrate with our system; MOST® will adapt itself in order to integrate with yours.

Credit Cards, Electronic Checks and PayPal

Naturally, MOST® handles all major forms of payment. No matter what kind of payment your business accepts through whatever channel you’re considering, we’ve got you covered. In addition, by working in tandem with our accounting tools, you’ll always have an up-to-date snapshot of your business’ financial position. That’s the power of comprehensive multichannel system technology; that’s the power of MOST®.

Managing Product Development Planning

You have a great idea or product needed to get off the ground? Utilizing our software, solve the challenges of the product lifecycle from concept to product market launch. With our software you can track all the steps, easily manage all communications and designs as well as prototypes, and samples to production. Assign tasks to team members and create a launch timeline and more.

Marketing Data

Marketing data is important to have readily at your fingertips and ready to make decisions with the use of big data: customer, financial, and operational. Each type of data is typically obtained from different sources and stored in different locations. Customer data helps marketers understand their target audience.  With our software let your entire team leverage big data to understand your audience.

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