TCRDS is an industry leader in providing multichannel order system technology to retailers and direct marketing merchants of all shapes and sizes. With the proven track record of over 30 years providing order systems solutions for retailers and direct marketers, we have the expertise, the know-how and the flexibility to automate and integrate your various sales channels into one easy-to-manage system. This kind of sales channel integration provides our clients with the competitive edge they need to stay on top of their business and ahead of their competition.

MOST: The MultiChannel Order System Technology Your Business Needs


MOST, which stands for MultiChannel Order System Technology, is TCRDS’s flagship product. As a completely bespoke system, MOST has the polish, flexibility and scalability that other order management software lacks. With it, businesses can pull all of their disparate sales streams together, allowing them to accurately track and manage their entire business through one portal.  This system has been designed to offer fast and reliable functionality. Because business and profits move at the click of a button, this kind of speed and reliability has never been more necessary for your business. With our order management system, you’ll be able to take a real-time, bird’s eye view of your entire business. With that kind of oversight, you can better manage your business in a way that increases your customers’ satisfaction and drives more sales.


MOST has the MOST Features


Conceived and engineered as a modularized system, MOST has a startling array of features that provide solutions for your business’ individualized needs. These features include:
• Inventory Control: See where your items are and where they’re going.
• Accounts Payable and Receivable: Stay on top of your books.
• Customer Service Tools: Arm your representatives with the information they need.
• Detailed Analytics: Monitor your business’ performance in detail.
• Ecommerce Integration: Whether you run your own storefront or work through another, your covered.
• Automated Email: Keep your customers in the loop.
• Real-time Rate Shopping: Cut shipping costs by keeping tabs on the market.
• Approved Manifest Software: Conduct and monitor your shipments through the USPS, UPS and FEDEX.
• Payment Software: Accept all major forms of payment.
• And many more!


To learn more about MOST’s staggering array of features, check out our Products page.


Ecommerce Integration: Pull Your Business Together


With retailers moving larger and larger portions of their businesses online, having an order management solution for managing multiple channels is essential. That’s why MOST supports core integration with widely used ecommerce platforms such as CommerceV3, MarketLive, and Webbasix. In addition, MOST is capable of fully integrating with your business’ presence on popular retail sites, such as Amazon, Ebay and
Once you’ve integrated MOST with your various sales channels, you’ll be able to see where our order management system really shines. Rather than having to manage your business as a conglomeration of disparate parts, you’ll be able to manage it as a whole. This will lead to reduced overhead, higher customer satisfaction, and more profits.


Flexibility: A Bespoke Order Management Solution


Each business’ needs are different, and TCRDS understands that. That’s why MOST isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. Rather, it is a comprehensive order management system built out of individual modules, all of which can be customized to fit your business’ specific needs and systems. When you choose to work with us, we’ll tailor the system to work around your business. Whatever modules you need will be included and customized, whatever modules you don’t will be left out. In short, your business won’t have to alter itself in order to integrate with MOST, because MOST will alter itself to integrate with your business.


Extensibility: MOST Grows with Your Business


The ultimate goal of streamlining your multichannel order management is to increase your business’ ability to generate revenue. As that revenue continues to grow, your business will necessarily have to expand. With that expansion, of course, new needs and complexities will arise. Other order management systems are built without extensibility in mind, but MOST is built for this very purpose. Its modularity and customization ability allows it to expand and extend along with your business.

One of the big advantages of using MOST as your multichannel order management system is its modularity. As MOST was tailored to your business when first integrated, so can it be tailored to your business as it expands and evolves. MOST’s individual modules can be added, subtracted and customized on an as needed basis. With our team of software engineers, you’ll never have to worry about putting your business on hold for such updates.


The MOST Cost-Effective, Efficient Order Management Solution


One of the major deterrents for businesses interested in integrating their multiple sales channels into one order management system is the upfront cost of installing such a system. This is particularly true of new startup businesses that are still in the process of generating an adequate level of capital.  As an optional purchase offer,  TCRDS does not accept payment upfront for setting up a MOST system for your business. Instead, we offer an option to accept payment as an agreed upon percentage of sales or transactions. We believe that this makes it much easier for multichannel retail and direct marketing businesses, especially new startups, to take the next step in their business’ development. Further, we also believe that this fosters a relationship built upon trust between TCRDS and its clients. We succeed only if you succeed, and we therefore employ all of our expertise and technical acumen to the task of ensuring that your order management system is operating efficiently and effectively. Because we make such an investment in our clients, we do not do business with their competitors. The advantage that MOST gives your business is your business’ advantage alone.


Learn More about MOST


In order to learn more about MOST and what this state-of-the-art multichannel order management system can do for you, please take a look around our website. You’ll find an in-depth analysis of the various solutions MOST can offer your business, as well as a comprehensive list of features. In addition, we encourage you to take a look at our clients’ testimonials. More than anything we can tell you, these testimonials will give you a clear idea of how MOST has helped other multichannel retailers manage their orders. If you’ve taken a look around, and are interested in learning the specifics of how TCRDS can make MOST work for you, contact us today. Our representatives would be happy to discuss the myriad ways that MOST can be customized to fit your multichannel sales business’ needs.


Please note:
We do not sell our order management software, or order management products or provide custom development for any of our current customer’s competitors.