About Us

In operation since 1981, TCRDS is an industry leader in providing solutions for the myriad of problems and complexities facing multichannel retail software and catalog mail order software. Our extensive experience within the field is what truly sets us apart from the competition. Over the past 30 years, we’ve seen it all: We’ve been there every step of the way as the brick and mortar retail and catalog industry has evolved during the era of ecommerce.
This experience gives TCRDS unparalleled expertise when it comes to assisting multichannel retail and catalog businesses. No matter how big or how small our clients’ businesses are, we’re capable of integrating their different retail and catalog channels into one easy-to-manage order management system. For this, we have our experienced team of software engineering specialists to thank. They work tirelessly to assist our many clients with implementing the software necessary to handle the large volume of orders coming from their multiple retail and catalog streams.

MOST®: The Comprehensive Order Management Solution

MOST® is our flagship multichannel order management system software package, and the result of our 33 years of multichannel retail and catalog experience. Completely modularized, our system is powerful enough to handle the needs of even the largest businesses, while at the same time maintaining the flexibility necessary for tailoring itself to any business’ evolving needs.
With this system, our many different clients have been able to streamline their businesses and maximize their revenue. MOST® removes much of the strain that managing multiple retail and catalog channels puts on a business. By doing so, our clients are able to turn their attention to the aspects of their businesses that matter MOST®, their business strategy and their customers.

Our Commitment to You

We believe in working intimately with our clients and in fostering long-term relationships them that are built upon trust and mutual benefit. Because our flagship order management software package is an entirely bespoke system, we take an intense interest in the specific needs of our clients. Our software engineers tailor MOST® to our clients’ business model and needs, working entirely for our clients’ benefit.
As such, even though MOST® is our flagship program, we offer an optional purchase method, based on approval. We charge nothing for it upfront. Instead, we take a percentage of individual sales and transactions that are conducted through the system. This, we believe, greatly reduces the financial and service burden that is placed upon a business to install a multichannel order system. Further, we believe that this makes us a kind of investor in our clients’ businesses. We succeed only if they succeed, and we therefore work tirelessly to ensure that our system is working to our clients’ utMOST® benefit.

Continuing Service in other Arenas

As part of our interest in providing comprehensive solutions for businesses in the multichannel retail and catalog industry, we offer a variety of other services as well. These include custom software development, data exchange for multiple database platforms, credit card processing software, 3rd party API integration, database conversion and off site backups. To learn more about how TCRDS can provide your business with MOST® or these other solutions, we encourage you to contact us directly. One of our many representatives would be happy to discuss the myriad of solutions we can offer your multichannel retail and catalog business.


Our flagship sales order management application MOST® is designed specifically for catalog, retail, ecommerce and business to business merchants