• Return to Sender:  Why Your Returns Process Matters

    Return to Sender: Why Your Returns Process Matters

    It happens to everyone–the item we ordered online needs to be returned. Maybe the item doesn’t fit, or we changed our mind. Whatever the reason, package returns are a reality of doing business online, and it’s important for businesses to get serious about their returns process.

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  • Best Practices to Improve Online Conversions and Order Values

    With the rise of e-commerce and the emerging presence of digital catalogs, more and more industries are focusing on the ecommerce elements of their business. Data is now proving that the online shopping experience itself often dictates how often the customer shops,

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  • Getting More from Your Packaging

    Getting More from Your Packaging

    If your company relies on shipping to turn a profit, then a major part of your business is the packaging you use to get your orders out. Nonetheless, like many companies in the same boat,

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  • How to Implement Back Office Software

    Any company that depends on a fulfillment department to process orders and ship them out can instantly benefit from back office software. In fact, if that sounds like your company, you may have already considered what this type of software could do.

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  • Optimizing Your Omnichannel Retail Business

    Optimizing Your Omnichannel Retail Business

    In many regards, running an omnichannel retail business should come with nothing but advantages. After all, if selling to customers through one channel is effective, doing so over many should be even better, right? Unfortunately, no. While selling over multiple channels is a great way to drive up revenues, the approach comes with some unique challenges as well.

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  • The Value of Free Goods for Your Customers

    Everyone enjoys getting something for free, right? You go to a website and order some merchandise, and when your package is delivered, you open the box and voilà! You see some free items you did not order. Nice, right? Free items are an extra bonus for your customers while adding value to your marketplace. These days,

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